Welcome to Sherman Gray!

Sherman Gray Limited is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Company envisioned several years ago but incorporated on January 4, 2007. The core objective of our organisation is to provide professional services in the field of Civil engineering construction, Consulting, Procurement and Outsourcing services for the oil and gas industry, manpower development through professional training and project management to mention a few.

Our Faith

We believe firmly in the singularity of God’s existence and His sovereign power over all. Our organisation is a product of God’s benevolence and eternal purpose, this serves as a guide in the conduct of our business operations. We emphasise fairness in a vertical and horizontal perspective.

Vision Statement:

Our Vision statement is predicated upon our desire to be the best service provider in the industry. Our Vision is to: "Achieve a self-sustaining business organisation through the rendering of premium quality service at the optimal cost possible based on core values of responsibility, dignity of service, integrity and fairness to God and man".

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to:
• Develop and nurture vertical and horizontal relationships
• Maintain the integrity of our core values
• Create and maintain the required enabling environment that provides for the satisfaction of all stakeholders
• Provide premium quality service in accordance to best practises.
• Continuous engagement in product research and development efforts in order to achieve and sustain the competitive edge in the market place.

Our Expertise

We are in a competitive market and a vital key for success (KFS) is the ability of an organisation to stay ahead of competition by being innovative and constantly engaging in research and development efforts. This is an area where our strength lies; we are engaged in a regular exercise aimed at developing the best engineering practise by application of our skills and experience. Our business model is built upon effective skills acquisition, market differentiation and the sustainability of our acquired market segment.

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