5 Advantages of the Oracle Primavera P6 Software:

Primavera allows project managers, planners, schedulers have an unparalleled control over the project with insightful analysis and tracking. Some people think of it as a software exclusively designed to meet the requirements of large scale projects, but, it is actually a very flexible software and can be used for projects in any industry regardless of its size. The software has many applications like tracking the progress of Telecom projects, risk determination in aerospace engineering, monitoring IT process, and providing a better control over manufacturing processes. Implementing Primavera project planning can bring numerous benefits to an organization, some of them are:
• Reduced Complexity: Even though Primavera P6 is capable of handling complex processes and analysis, it keeps the task of managing and accessing the schedule simple. The user just needs to put in the information and the software will determine existing problems like uncovered shifts, shortage of raw materials etc.
• Reduced Risk: Primavera P6 can assist in identifying and mitigating all the risks involved in the project. It can save you from the excess cost involved due to certain errors and inconsistencies.
• Better visibility: Oracle Primavera P6 provide one place for recording, tracking and analysis of data, so you can make sure it does not violate and political or environmental regulations.
• Better communication: Certain projects may involve large teams spread over wide geographical areas. Primavera P6 allows a communication to be established between the executive-level staff and the project managers, planners, workers etc. It also allows notes to convey messages to everyone.
• Forecasting activities: A project may require extra resources and tasks to be accomplished as it evolves. Primavera P6 allows forecasts to be made in advance for all such project needs.
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