Building Information Modeling (BIM): Visualizing a New World

BIM is a concept of digital representation of building design and the design process. It enables designers to process data related not only to height, width, depth, but also to cost and time.

Almost all leading CAD product companies offer BIM software for planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining buildings. Sherman Gray offers courses for popular BIM products such as Revit Architecture, Archicad, and BIM products of Bentley. Check out the infographics to know more about BIM and its benefits.

Software used Autodesk Revit Architecture
Autodesk Revit MEP
Autodesk Revit Structure
Graphisoft ArchiCAD
Bentley Architecture
Bentley STAAD Pro
Autodesk Navisworks

Take the BIM Challenge

Building a new world demands dynamic information on shapes and voids; visualization of their relationships; virtual models of dimensions – beyond width and height, and digitization of design process.
The Time is Now

In short, building a new world needs Building Information Modelling (BIM).

BIM is be all and end all
With BIM decision making about a place has just got easier. Plan, design, construct, operate or maintain a building with:

One Platform

One framework for all design stages – from earliest conception to demolition


Improved visualization

Virtual construction of a facility before physical construction of it. Reduce uncertainty, Improve safety, Identify problems, simulate and analyse potential impacts.


Parametric design

Define objects as parameters and relations to other objects. A change in one object gets reflected in the entire drawing on its own.


More dimensions

Objects carry geometry, relations, and attributes. Have the functional characteristics of the whole facility. Add as many as five dimensions vis a vis: height, width, depth, time, and cost.


Shared Knowledge

One BIM file that functions as a source of information for architects, structural engineers, Mechanical Electrical Plumbing contractors, and owners.


BIM is the future

BIM adoption is on the rise. The global construction industry completes over US $7.2 trillion worth of projects every year. The worth of projects is expected to grow by 67% to $12 trillion in 2020. By the time, BIM technology market will surge by over 250% to reach US$6.5 billion.


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